Greetings AAFFM members and friends,

The AAFFM board held its annual official meeting Thursday evening, November 5. Below are highlights along with my additional comments for your information and consideration.

Election of officers and board members

The board reconstituted itself with no changes. Re-elected were President Chris Moser, Secretary Carol Moser, and Treasurer Gayle Rauschenberg. Remaining on the board are Fritz Rauschenberg (a joint seat with Gayle), Andy Weiskoff, Mark Reeve (Membership director), Teresa Powell (website and Facebook manager), Gloria Hallen and Pete Senkowski.

Our board is aging, and we’ll make a concerted effort to bring at least two young members onto the board next year. If you can bring youth to the board and are interested, or you can recommend someone else, we want to hear from you. Please contact me at 770-482-1209 or We much prefer board members who have demonstrated commitment by volunteering. Our greatest volunteer need is more sound techs for Fiddler’s Green.


Our contributing members total 54. Though we’re less active during the pandemic with Fiddler’s Green on hold, we still need and welcome your new or renewing membership. Please respond if you receive a message from Mark that your renewal is due, or go to our website, to become a new member.

Fiddler’s Green

In March we suspended Fiddler’s Green concerts until further notice due to the pandemic. At whatever time in 2021 resumption appears safe, we will pick up the talent schedule with whoever was already slated for that month before the suspension began. Performers whose sets have had to be canceled are being recheduled for 2022 and 2023.

It’s possible that by spring indoor performances at First Existentialist may still not be safe. We’re looking for a suitable alternative outdoor location, and we welcome your suggestions. Such a venue would need to cost no more than $100 per show, would need for the audience as well as the stage to be sheltered from rain, and would need lighting unless we were to shift those shows to afternoon. That’s a tall order, but maybe with your help, we can find a temporary outdoor home if we need it.

Thanks for your continued interest in and support of AAFFM. Happy Holidays!

Chris Moser, President