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Our musical Community is so large and diverse that the Resources that support it are spread wide and far. Here are listings of places to find information on making music, listening to music, learning music, and much more. If you know of additional information that could be included here, please contact

Music Camps and Schools - Here is a list of places to go to have a good time and, by the way, you can also learn to play or improve you playing, too!

Music Stores - Need a new instrument? Repair? Advice? Check out these music stores.  Good people there....

Music Lessons - If you didn't start playing when you were 3 years old, you may benefit from lessons - either to get started or to improve your current skills.  Look into these good instructors.

Pickin' Sessions, Song Circles, Open Mics, Jams - Like to play with others? Here's where....

Bands/Performers for Hire - Like to have others play for you? Find a band here....

CD Reviews - Like to listen to music? Check out our CD reviews.

Music Festivals - There are Festivals in Atlanta and all around where you can go to listen, play, and just have a generally great time!  Here are some of them...

Music Sources - Books, Magazines - Here are some books and magazines we like.  Keep up-to-date with the musical world with the magazines.  Build your library with the books.

Music Sources - Online - It's amazing how much music is available to you directly from your computer.  The list of sources is growing daily - enjoy!


Contact us at if you know of other resources that should be included here. Thanks!


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